Register your app

To obtain API keys to call the xumm API, visit the xumm Developer Dashboard at to register or sign in.


Application information

The application name, application description and application icon are mandatory. When a user opens a sign request created by your application, they will see your icon and application name. The application description will be visible on the payload URL when your user opens the sign request on a desktop computer, or on a phone where the xumm app is not installed.

A payload URL visited on a desktop contains a QR code for the end user to scan with the xumm app, or a message that a push notification has been sent. A sign request visited on a desktop computer features your application icon, name and description:


Webhook URL

If you want to receive a webhook call to your application backend, when a user resolves a payload by either rejecting or signing a request, enter the publicly accessible URL you'd like to receive a HTTP POST call at.


Webhook security

Please always call the xumm API to verify the payload results, as someone may craft a call to your webhook endpoint with false information.