User Sign In (through Payloads)

When sending a JSON transaction payload, you can use all XRPL transaction types, including a XUMM specific "pseudo transaction type": SignIn.

The payload for a SignIn transaction can look like this:

  "txjson": {
    "TransactionType": "SignIn"

All XUMM payload options are valid for a SignIn transaction.


SignIn specific behaviour

A SignIn transaction will never be submitted to the XRP ledger, as it is an invalid transaction type (XUMM specific pseudo transaction type).

After the user signs your SignIn request, the server to server call (to your configured Webhook location) will receive the signed transaction containing the signed transaction HEX blob.

You can verify the signature using:

Sign in with XUMM using OAuth2 / OpenID Connect

If you want to use Xumm as OAuth2 / OpenID Connect compatible identity provider, please read the pages displayed below: