What are xApps

xApps are WebApps, embedded in XUMM for a great user experience. They add value (tooling, wizards) for end users, using Sign Requests and their Web UI to help users perform tasks on the XRPL and beyond.

Starting XUMM version 1.1, to be released in Q1 2021, the "XUMM QR Button" in the center of the bottom button bar will be replaced with a menu that offers the "Scan QR button" (so one extra step if you want to scan a QR). This menu will also allow XUMM users to access "xApps".

xApps are mini wizard / specific tooling WebApps fully integrated in XUMM. Wietse (XRPL Labs founder) explains:

xApps have extra permissions, like:

  • They receive context (user account selected in XUMM when opened, XUMM theme, input params, account type (eg. Tangem / ...)
  • They can trigger overlay Sign Requests and receive callback info
  • They can trigger the QR scanner and receive scanned QR data

xApps can be opened (triggered) in a lot of (some really cool) ways:

Even more exciting... xApps can be triggered as well using:

  • By attaching an xApp memo to an XRPL TX (so the Event list will show there's an xApp attached to the TX)
  • From a push notification
  • From the Event list, as an xApp session pushed to a XUMM user

Some sample xApp ideas:

  • Trading interface (offloads signing to XUMM)
  • Entry ticket checking
  • Issuing tokens, checking tokens
  • Setting up accounts, escrows, etc.
  • Easy destination verification / prefill when moving funds (eg. Exchange integrations)
  • Even our own KYC flow