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UI workflow while waiting for the wallet user to scan the QR code

I'm working on something like an NFT marketplace. Say a user with Xumm wallet is on an NFT buy page. They click Buy Now and my backend shoots a request to Xumm API and get the below.

uuid: '77f7cde5-54a0-405b-afa6-864f1464693b',
next: {
always: '',
no_push_msg_received: ''
refs: {
qr_png: '',
qr_matrix: '',
qr_uri_quality_opts: [ 'm', 'q', 'h' ],
websocket_status: 'wss://'
pushed: true

So, my site will pop-up the QR code at and wait for the user to sign using their wallet.

But how should I listen to know when the user has signed the request? Should my frontend listen to the websocket at wss://

Or is there a better way?