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How can i increase my rate limit for sign in?

Currently, I am facing the error 'Max payload of 1587 exceeded.' I want to increase my rate limit.

How do you setup a QR Code for a token

I am looking to up setup a set trust line feature using the QR code similar to xrp services. Does anyone have any resources on how to do this?

Reading a memoField in a hook ..

So i have my ascii value for my memofield ... "rn294Ew7pGunMeYvxDo4DZLKt4c7dMFbBP"rhoHJNt6GgkJ1Xc66Z9eV25LYwirTiktkX\\x02 Which is made up of 2 xrpl addess's lets say a DAO address and a seller address the last 4 characters are \\x02. What i am interested in in the last two characters 02 as their represent the % amount that can be sent to the dao account and can be 00 to 99. This is then encoded and sent as part of the transaction. "Memos": [ { "Memo": { "MemoData": "22726e3239344577377047756e4d65597678446f34445a4c4b74346337644d466242502272686f484a4e743647676b4a31586336365a39655632354c5977697254696b746b5820783032", "MemoFormat": "", "MemoType": "" } } ] } I can successfully read both of the accounts and move the payload_ptr to that last 4 bytes ie 20783032 <br /> ``` sellerAccount[sellerAccountLength] = '\0'; payload_ptr += sellerAccountLength; ``` but i now need to read the contribution value of 02 ie 2 % and just cant figure out how to do it as the pointer always seems to hold 4 bytes and read the first ones - even if i move the pointer on +2 it doesnt read 02 ``` TRACESTR("Data Pointer Position Before Contribution: "); TRACEHEX(payload_ptr); // = 20783032 // if i then do uint8_t contribution = *payload_ptr; // the contribution is 36 as i should imagine its reading the first bytes //1. I tried int8_t contribution = *payload_ptr +2; // =3032 //2. I tried to get the last bytes like this but that didnt work uint8_t contribution_low = payload_ptr[2]; // Read the high nibble (first byte) uint8_t contribution_high = payload_ptr[3]; ``` In essence the question is if the pointer is looking at 4 bytes and the last 2 represent two numeric digits in ascii that i need to calculate a contribution how do i access those values and store them in a variable like .. uint8_t contribution = \*payload_ptr; .... i have spent most the day try to figure it out with chatgpt but i think that is stumped on this one ...

Send a transaction to my smart contract deployed on xaha network ...

So i have my smart contract deployed .... ..... with its mirrored xrpl account .... .... as you will see i sent a test transaction , which showed up on the xrpl account but not on the smart contract account. I am using xumm to send the transaction ie ... ``` const payload: any = { txjson: { TransactionType: 'Payment' as const, Amount: String(amount), Destination: destination, Memos: [ { Memo: { MemoData: memoField, MemoFormat: "33363331333733303337333033363633333633393336333333363331333733343336333933363636333636353332363633363631333733333336363633363635", } } ] }, } console.log() if (xummUserToken) { payload.user_token = xummUserToken } try { const subscription = await xummClient.payload.createAndSubscribe( payload, (event) => { console.log('New payload event:', if (Object.keys('signed') > -1) { return } } ) const resolvedEvent = await subscription.resolved return resolvedEvent } catch (error) { console.error('Error fetching XUMM payment URL:', error) throw new Error('Failed to fetch XUMM payment URL') } ```

Payment Destination Tag

How do I fill in "Payment Destination Tag" in the form?

How do i update an existing smart contract that has been deployed

Do you have an example of how i would update an existing smart contract on mainnet. I am using the createHookPayload api and have tried various options ie delete and update but no luck.

How can we send payment transaction using Xumm wallet?

To do like the above issue, I think that we should use createAndSubscribe api as follows: import { Xumm } from "xumm"; const xumm = new Xumm(my api key); const { created, resolved } = await xumm.payload.createAndSubscribe({ TransactionType: 'Payment', Destination: 'rfHn6cB5mmqZ6fHZ4fdemCDSxqLTijgMwo', Amount: String(1000000) // one million drops, 1 XRP }, eventMessage => { if (Object.keys('opened') > -1) { // Update the UI? The payload was opened. } if (Object.keys('signed') > -1) { // The `signed` property is present, true (signed) / false (rejected) return eventMessage } }) But I didn't send transaction. What is the reason? Please help me.

Requirements: Bootstrap

We read in the documentation that it is required to use bootstrap for the UI of an xApp. Is this still in vigour, we could certainly adapt but certainly haven’t used bootstrap in years. Is Taulwind an option? Best, Eric

Error: access_denied

cant seem to be granted access to xumm after adding my api key to the codebase

General questions about making a video gaming xApp...

Hi everyone! This is PP and Michael, the co-founders of the ZerpaayWorld gaming platform. Our site is live for people to sign in with their XAMAN wallets and play the games we've made at, but we want to explore making an xApp so that people can download the app/games on their phones and mobile devices. We have so many initial questions. Is this possible with an xApp, or would the xApp only be a 'portal' to the hosted website? Would there be anyone with your team that we could have a quick meeting with to discuss our ideas and whether or not they are achievable through an xApp?