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Creating a token in testnet v2 (XLS 20)

I tried to create my own token to test with the NFT web app that we are building. But every time I go to token creator app, it throws ``` You opened the xApp with an account you don't have full access to. (Read only) Please close this xApp, navigate to the home screen and switch to the account you want to issue your token from. (Needs to have 'Full Access') Then open the xApp again. ``` But the account was seeded from "" with Full Access. So I am having a hard time to add and test the custom tokens. [Xumm Image](

Error Unable to set account Sequence, please check that you are connected to the Internet

Hi Team. I'm getting Error Unable to set account Sequence for all my NFT transactions . I'm using devnet wss:// My payload uuid are: 4a8e8f3e-58f9-4ba1-a747-2a703d745b6d 78e61a16-147a-4459-ad13-2383482149bd Any idea what causing this ?

Reset Xumm sign in with github?

How do we reset our Xumm sign in for 2 factor auth?

XUMM for WooCommerce

Hello, Hope everyone is keeping well. I'm trying to get the XUMM for WooCommerce to work but I'm having what's possibly a very amateur problem.. I hope someone can advise. Following this guide: I've entered the correct API keys etc but when I click the 'Sign-in with Xumm' I get a 404 error (Connection%20Error%20to%20the%20<a%20href="">XUMM%20API</a>.</p></div>) I have tried deleting the App within and created new API keys etc but having the same problem. I also tried to 'Save changes' within Woocommerce thinking that maybe it would then allow to proceed but instead I received a 'Critical Error' message and had to reinstall the whole of wordpress to resolve it before I could try again in vain to 'Sign-in with Xumm'.. Hope that all makes sense. I'm now at a loss as to what to try and would be very grateful for any assistance. Kindest, Gregg

Is there any other wallet like Xumm

I struggle to find a wallet like xumm or other for performing transactions + minting NFTS for the XRP web app. I'm creating a web app like sologenic but I don't want to use D'cent ledger or else

Can xumm interact with sidechains ?

As xumm is developed for the xrpl, I am wondering if you could use the xumm sdk aswell for the federated side chains, so let’s Imagen there is a cbdc on a sidechain and I want the User to make a cross chain transaction, can we use the sdk for that ?

How to create custom nodes on Xumm

Hello, How can I create custom nodes just like:, but to connect with my own node that I have created, not the XLS-20 node.

Signing payload from specific address and towards a specific network

Hello, I'm wondering whether it's possible, via the XUMM API, to indicate: 1. a specific address that must sign the transaction 2. a specific network towards which the signed payload will be sent (e.g. xls20-sandbox...) Thank you!

Query Xumm contact list.

Is there a way to get info related to which accounts are in the Xumm users address book?

Malformed transaction. NFTokenAcceptOffer

I'm trying to accept a token, but am getting a malformed transaction error. My request looks like this, let me know if there's anything obvious I'm doing wrong? ``` const request: XummJsonTransaction = { txjson: { TransactionType: 'NFTokenAcceptOffer', NFTokenBuyOffer: offerID, Account: accountID }, options: { return_url: { app: returnUrl, web: returnUrl } } }; const subscription = await Xumm.payload .createAndSubscribe(etc....) ``` I successfully get a signing link, and it all looks right, up until I actually sign it.