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General questions about making a video gaming xApp...

Hi everyone! This is PP and Michael, the co-founders of the ZerpaayWorld gaming platform. Our site is live for people to sign in with their XAMAN wallets and play the games we've made at, but we want to explore making an xApp so that people can download the app/games on their phones and mobile devices. We have so many initial questions. Is this possible with an xApp, or would the xApp only be a 'portal' to the hosted website? Would there be anyone with your team that we could have a quick meeting with to discuss our ideas and whether or not they are achievable through an xApp?

Dubugging on hooks builder not displaying ...

So i am working on a few POC hooks and the debug stream on the test page is not displaying any logs ,<> I have gone thorugh all the videos i can find on youtube and followed them step by step but cant see any logs in the debug stream. Any ideas as to what i may be doing wrong ?

Change account trouble

After we do openSignRequest and change account how can i get new user address ? ``` const xumm = new Xumm(API_KEY); await xumm.payload.create({ TransactionType: "SignIn", }) .then(async payload => { xumm.xapp.openSignRequest(await payload) }) ```

Resolving account domain

Hi Trying to retrieve account domain using the sample provided Browser ("Web3") xumm.user.domain.then(domain => { document.getElementById('accountdomain').innerText = domain }) Always returns undefined when account has domain set

Trustline location

Where can I find or set the trust line for my api account?

where is secret question?

Confused about the secret question do I define one or is there a preset question somewhere to be found ``` ```

Generate an XRPL account

Hey guys, Im trying to generate an xrpl account for test purposes and when I try the code it just shows me an account address and it keeps running. Here its an example of the code and when I run it. import { generate } from "xrpl-accountlib"; const account = generate.familySeed; console.log("Account ",account); Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. PS C:\\Users\\User\\Desktop\\Xrpl -js-ts-demo\\XRPL-JS-TS-demo> node dist/ Account address: rGwATJo9oWMAWewrPnxLNtQTdAGDecRnYK Thank you!

Any way to get User Account in the Backend API ?

I am able to fetch the User token via Sign in Request and Webhook, How do i get access to users account in the backend ?

user_token, where to store it client or server side ?

Hello, after my user signed in and i fetch the payload i've got the user_token and wallet address. is it okay to store the user_token client side ? im wondering if a 3rd party if obtained the user_token could do some bad stuff with it like pushing malicious sign requests to the user ? Thank you !

Can't connect react native app to xumm

I am making a react native app which has the simple functionality to send and receive xrp by connecting my app to the Xaman Wallet. However I cant figure as to how can I connect my react native app to the xaman wallet. I tried registering my app on the developer console and added a redirect url. I then opened the same url through my app however every time the url opens I get an error, which is Error: access_denied Invalid client/redirect url. I have cross checked my api key and matched the url on the developer console with the one in my app. I have been stuck on this any kind of help or pointers will be appreciated. Cheers