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XUMM for WooCommerce


Hope everyone is keeping well. I'm trying to get the XUMM for WooCommerce to work but I'm having what's possibly a very amateur problem.. I hope someone can advise.

Following this guide: https://wordpress.org/plugins/xumm-payments-for-woocommerce/#installation

I've entered the correct API keys etc but when I click the 'Sign-in with Xumm' I get a 404 error (Connection%20Error%20to%20the%20a%20href="https://apps.xumm.dev/"XUMM%20API.


I have tried deleting the App within https://apps.xumm.dev/ and created new API keys etc but having the same problem. I also tried to 'Save changes' within Woocommerce thinking that maybe it would then allow to proceed but instead I received a 'Critical Error' message and had to reinstall the whole of wordpress to resolve it before I could try again in vain to 'Sign-in with Xumm'..

Hope that all makes sense. I'm now at a loss as to what to try and would be very grateful for any assistance.