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temMALFORMED on "NFTokenMint"

I was minting NFTs from my Shopify app and signing with Xumm without problems until yesterday. Could you please help me? Here the info of the transaction:

  • Signed tx hash: 9261114965EE879FA842814EC1FC880FE33E6CA9F5C7F29621243A4A4E72C906
  • Payload:
    TransactionType: "NFTokenMint",
    NFTokenTaxon: 1,
    Account: "rDnHqD11jB9HdFx3YmHTbQc8GScDd8BQfM",
    URI: "697066733A2F2F516D53696A6139567774687459417070627762346E3769476F3647774C534B79735742647A655673344A4A6A6F33",
    Flags: 1,
    TransferFee: 10