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Payload gets temMALFORMED response, but works fine in Payload Signing tool

Above is an example of a successfully signed payload signed in the Payload Signing Tool.

This same payload gets a temMALFORMED error when I attempt to sign it via the jwt API from my app. The only difference is the addition of the redirect_url:

  "options": {
    "return_url": {
      "app": 'origami://?id={id}&cid={cid}&txid={txid}&txblob={txblob}',
      "web": 'origami://?id={id}&cid={cid}&txid={txid}&txblob={txblob}',
  "txjson": {
    "Account": "rhJ6HKU4rLXGEkKHXLRoL7B61XvLz9JCem", 
    "Amount": "1000000", 
    "CancelAfter": 743736082, 
    "Destination": "rhJ6HKU4rLXGEkKHXLRoL7B61XvLz9JCem", 
    "Flags": 0, 
    "LedgerEntryType": "Escrow", 
    "TransactionType": "EscrowCreate"

Any ideas of what might be going on, or how to troubleshoot this? I am using the testate, but the signing tool doesn't seem to mind.