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Applying xrp code

I have been writing code since last spring and I have it working in browser and have code for web3 in file. I am needing help applying ripple/xrp code and creating a few smart contracts and payment systems. I was xrpl looking and got into testnet and created a couple accounts for practicing and applied secret to code but could not get it sequence or go through. I'm really new at this coding stuff but seem to be able to put together this huge project I'm working on. I dont know all the tech talk so its really confusing in what I'm trying to read for what I need. I contacted xumm which led me here and I also was given another website from them to look at some hooks which I haven't done yet and am doing next but like a step by step guide or on applying your code would be so helpful and much appreciated. I would love to get this done and presented to you. html node js and css+ are the languages I used. Thanks