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Possible to authorize in React Native using xumm universal SDK?

Here's the setup I'm currently trying: ```typescript // from expo-auth-session const [request, response, promptAsync] = useAuthRequest( { clientId: process.env.EXPO_PUBLIC_XUMM_API_KEY, redirectUri: 'origami://', }, { authorizationEndpoint: '', }, ); ``` This works! It opens up the xumm app and allows me to fulfill the signing request. The response then returns an `authorization_code`, `code`, and `state`. I think this is the point where I'm going wrong... I re-initialize the xumm SDK, i.e. ```typescript TypeScript XummSdk = new Xumm(authorization_code); const pong = await; console.log({ pong }); // pong is undefined :( ``` Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be authenticated, so I expect there's some extra magic that needs to happen to properly initialize Xumm. I have console warnings telling me that properties are missing (i.e. `payload`), and various environment properties are undefined as well, implying to me that it's not authenticated. What am I missing? Thanks!

How to check auth status with universal Xumm SDK?

I'm creating an auth flow using the Xumm universal SDK in Web3/Browser mode (PKCE). How do I check if the user is authorized? - XummSDK.user always contains a value - doesn't return a resolved value as the docs say it does - I found an example calling XummSDK.state(), but that doesn't seem to exist - I see useful looking functions and properties under XummSDK.environment, but don't know which to use It would be helpful to have something like XummSDK.isAuthoirized (boolean) Recommendation? Thanks! Julian

QR API not working: Cannot construct STArray from value given

Hello, I was getting custom qr-code (code shared below) depending upon the amount and avax_address but now I am getting the following errors: **library version: **"xumm-sdk": "^1.8.4" **Internal error code:** 603 **Error (detail) message Error:** Payload encoding error: Cannot construct STArray from value given **Causing error message:** Cannot construct STArray from value given ```Text ts BURN_ADDRESS = 'rhJYDuVMQxabTyiWuHQkQyDxr6uZEdpv5u' export const getQR = async (avax_address: string, amount: string) => { try { const hex_avax_address = Buffer.from(avax_address) .toString("hex") .toUpperCase(); const request = { TransactionType: "Payment", Destination: BURN_ADDRESS, Amount: { currency: 'MLD', value: amount, issuer: BURN_ADDRESS, }, Memos: [ { Memo: { MemoData: hex_avax_address, }, }, ], }; const payload = await Sdk.payload.create(request, true); return { link: payload?.next?.always, qr_code: payload?.refs?.qr_png, }; } catch (error) { console.log(error); return null; } }; ```

xApp not loading

I'm working on a simple xapp but I'm unable to load it in my device (in xumm). It works well when I load it in the browser. I am using this (<>) github repo for reference. xApp api key: 3fa32a38-2792-441d-a4d7-d6dcc6c8e6ce

Cached xumm's CDN of NFT Image URL which has "#" in image name is unhandled

Specific NFT: <> You can see image does not show in Xumm.

Bypass the Black Hole Account destination

Hello, Hope you are doing good. I have a question, How can I bypass the black hole account burn navigate back screen in the Xumm wallet app? is there a way to do that? Can I turn off that security check? Thanks.

Payment request feature inquiry

I have a question regarding the payment request feature associated with the provided link. **This is a testnet account** <> I noticed that the link generates a QR code to request a payment of 10 XRP. I am curious to know if it is possible to utilize the payment request feature for requesting tokens instead of XRP. Specifically, I am interested in exploring the feasibility of requesting a payment in tokens using the same mechanism. If such functionality exists or there are alternative methods to request token payments through the platform, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or information you can provide.

XummPostJsonPayload Error

I'm getting: Error code 618, see XUMM Dev Console, reference: '4821176f-3db5-4d91-b8ed-ce190f88164c I cant find any ref to this error?

SignerListSet Payload Error

I'm currently trying to sign a transaction by providing this payload: { "txjson": { "Flags": 0, "TransactionType": "SignerListSet", "Account": "rh5QhvyqTg2QTZdciXkDdEnDmJfuQvmuF7", "Fee": "12", "SignerQuorum": 5, "SignerEntries": [ { "SignerEntry": { "Account": "rPT1Sjq2YGrBMTttX4GZHjKu9dyfzbpAYe", "SignerWeight": 2 } }, { "SignerEntry": { "Account": "rPd9oB2Kdot9HSsXSeFYpKZUV3vDsBzv73", "SignerWeight": 1 } }, { "SignerEntry": { "Account": "rhx2Ru7kb33w8UP2iRCCpVYPdUGyKAdhMZ", "SignerWeight": 2 } } ] } } I'm receiving this error in Logs: Internal error code 1217 Error (detail) message No permission to create this type of sign request. Contact Xumm Support (in-app). I'm able to sign this transaction locally using this exact object without the "txjson". So the problem can't be from the object format. Is there limitations to what type of transactions or fields we can pass as a payload? Thank you, Rambod Rad

How do i create a web app that interacts with a XRP wallet?

Hi, How do i create a web app that interacts with a XRP Wallet? I have been assigned a brief to build a simple one page web app that when a user clicks a button "connect wallet", the page then shows their public key and address? Their private key and other sensitive information is only handled in the backend. These keys cannot be exposed. Can anyone suggest where to start? or perhaps there's a tutorial online somewhere I can follow? Thanks