Get an avatar (gravatar or personal avatar)

To retrieve an account avatar (defaults to gravatar, if a user opted in for showing their public profile icon (e.g. through the GlobaliD account integration: their profile icon).



Custom size

To retrieve an avatar with specific (square) dimensions, append an underscore and amount of pixels (min. 200) like this:



Please note: your application must allow redirects: the XUMM png location may redirect to another external resource (e.g. XUMM CDN, Gravatar or a GlobaliD location).

Hashicon & (transparent) padding

If no custom avatar can be found for a specific account (so: no GlobaliD public account linked, no XUMM profile icon, etc.) the XUMM API will generate a unique 'hashicon' based on the account address. The URL to get this icon stays the same, in this case a redirect won't happen as the XUMM API will serve a the hasicon PNG.

For a 'hashicon', not only the custom icon size is available (see above), but a custom padding is also available. To add padding to the (transparent) PNG the XUMM API serves, add another underscore and padding size before the .png end:

The above example will render a 250px hashicon, with 20px padding surrounding the icon, meaning this will yield a transparent PNG of 250+20+20 = 290x290 pixels.