When you are developing an xApp, you may want to test in your local browser (e.g. with Live Reload). You can re-fetch OTT's for development purposes.

Once an OTT has been used to call the authorize endpoint and a JWT has been provided, the OTT expired and can't be used to call the authorize endpoint.

If you want to be able to re-fetch the OTT data & obtain a new JWT for a specific OTT during development, you can.

To do this:

  1. Open your xApp in XUMM and obtain your OTT, e.g. by displaying the xAppToken query param
  2. Grab your Device Identifier from XUMM, by going to Settings - Advanced and tap+hold (copy) your Device ID
  3. Whitelist your Device ID in the XUMM Developer Console, for your specific xApp on the xApp page

You can now fe-fetch OTTs & obtain a new 24h valid JWT for OTTs issued by opening your xApp on your device only.

Simply visit your own xApp URL with the ?xAppToken=... OTT you received (like XUMM would when opening the xApp in XUMM, see xApp (technical) flow) & use the OTT for a call to the authorize endpoint.

If you are not using the JWT endpoints but building using the XUMM SDK / building a DIY integration with the regular XUMM platform, you can re-fetch by crafting a special hash.