This 'ott' (one time token) endpoint allows the xApp backend to retrieve verified session related information from the XUMM user.

xApps are embedded apps. Publishing and xApp and calling xApp API endpoints are only available for XRPL Labs / XUMM partners.

Xumm SDK with JWT
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A one time token will be appended to your xApp launch URL (GET parameter). The "one time token" is only valid for one minute and can be retrieved only once.


Calling the XUMM API from your frontend / xApp

The XUMM API is not supposed to be called from your frontend (for security reasons). Your XUMM tokens could be used by a 3rd party to trick users into signing sign requests.

Development: re-fetch OTT data (page refresh)

See subpage: Re-fetch OTT data

Response details

See subpage: OTT Response details

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